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Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee

Is it actually better to freshly grind coffee vs getting it pre-ground?  The answer is absolutely! Each has its advantages, but if we’re focusing on flavor, whole bean coffee is the better option.    When you grind your coffee, the aromas and flavors contained within the bean are released. ...

Why Roasting Coffee Well is So Challenging

Why Roasting Coffee Well is So Challenging

Making coffee taste good is a lot of work. Quality-focused farmers meticulously hand pick their coffee cherries, and then process these with great care before sending their coffee abroad to be roasted. Once it has arrived at the roaster, however, there are still many opportunities for error...

Why do Bags of Coffee Have that Valve in the Front?

Why do Bags of Coffee Have that Valve in the Front?

Maybe you’ve noticed that most bags of coffee have a small valve on the front. If you’re like me, your first instinct is to squeeze the bag and smell the heavenly vapors that burst forth. While this might be what we intuitively want to use them for, these valves aren’t actually there to give us...

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