10 Tips to Brew the Perfect Cup!

10 Tips to Brew the Perfect Cup!
  1. Buy fresh whole bean coffee instead of pre-ground coffee. The beans actually offers a protective shell, which contains and preserves the oils, flavors and aromas of the coffee. If you pre-grind coffee those oils could evaporate and you lose a lot of the flavor. That leads us to the 2nd rule…
  2. Always grind your whole bean coffee just prior to brewing. Never do it ahead of time, not only could you lose a lot of the coffee flavor and aromas but it also leaves the delicate coffee oils susceptible to contamination.
  3. Moisture, heat, oxygen and light are all enemies of fresh whole bean coffee, so always store your beans in an airtight container, away from light and in a cool place.
  4. Make sure the type of grind matches your brew. The particle size of the grind depends on the type of brew method you’re using. For example, for drip coffee the particle size of the coffee should be coarser, versus espresso needs a fine grind.
  5. Dosage is key. The correct coffee to water ratio also affects the flavor of coffee. For our drip coffee we suggest 1 heaping tablespoons for every 6 oz of boiling water and for espresso we suggest 7-9 grams per one-ounce shot.
  6. The water you’re using matters. If you think about it, coffee is mostly water, therefore the quality of the water you use will severely impact the flavor of your brew. We suggest always using filtered water.
  7. The brewing temperature of the water used is also extremely important. If it’s too hot you could burn the coffee, but if it’s not hot enough it won’t extract the flavors and oils from the beans properly. The water temperature should be between 86-93 degrees celsius ( 196-199 degrees F).
  8. Timing of the brew – how much time your coffee is in contact with water will also affect the flavor of your coffee. Generally, drip coffee should take around 5 minutes to brew and espresso should take between 24-30 seconds to extract.
  9. Always keep your brewer or espresso machine clean. Over time the oils from the coffee will build up on your equipment and if left uncleaned those oils can make your future brews taste bitter or even rancid.
  10. Don’t wait! Once you’ve gone through all the proper brewing steps make sure to enjoy your coffee fresh!