Coffee Tasting and Latte Art Course

With AIRBNB experiences our coffee tech and trainer Michael will teach a series of fun and informative coffee classes. he'll begin by teaching how to brew a few single-origin coffees in a Chemex while explaining some of the intricacies of coffee harvesting and processing. Then, we'll taste the coffees we've brewed, focusing on the how the region in which a given coffee was grown influences its flavor. Next, we'll learn how to use an espresso machine to brew a perfect espresso shot. Once we've mastered espresso, we'll move on to milk steaming, ending with a lesson on how to pour latte art like a pro. As a parting gift, everyone will leave with a small bag of whichever coffee they enjoyed most.


10 Tips to Brew the Perfect Cup!

10 Tips to Brew the Perfect Cup!

Buy fresh whole bean coffee instead of pre-ground coffee. The beans actually offers a protective shell, which contains and preserves the oils, flavors and aromas of the coffee. If you pre-grind coffee those oils could evaporate and you lose a lot...

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The Coffee of Grace team shares who we are as a brand and our vision. This is our story, check us out at AmericasMart Atlanta 2019.