Each Step of the Way

From the farmers we partner with at source, to our shipping partners, to the roaster, to you, Coffee of Grace controls the quality of the coffee from seed to cup.

Purely Grown

with three ingredients

water, sun, soil (no chemicals or pesticides)

Select Harvested

by hand only when ripe

Like all fruit, it’s best when it’s ripe. Select harvesting ensures that only ripe fruit is harvested, allowing the coffee to reach it’s maximum potential

100% Direct Trade Coffees

meeting our five point standard

Five Point Standard 

  1. Physical site visit to farms, washing stations and dry mills by a Coffee of Grace representative (no 3rd party), to develop our relationship at source and to verify: No chemicals, no pesticides, no exceptions
  2. Personally managing all freight forwarding from the farm to the roastery
  3. All producing partners agree to our quality standards of Specialty Grade coffee
  4. All of the co-ops we partner with support the farmers they work with through education and access to necessary resources.
  5. Payment terms are determined by quality and relationship. The commodities market is ignored and premiums are paid above Fair Trade minimums.

Our Roasting &
Packaging Philosophy

  • We roast all of our coffees locally to capture the essence of the farmer’s work at source. Our blends are created to give a consistent profile throughout the year. We offer lightly roasted coffee to capture the natural acidity of our high grown offerings. Additionally, we have medium and darker roasts for more sugar development and fuller body.

  • All of our packaging has a one way valve and is heat sealed and vacuum flushed to ensure freshness.


YOU are the final link in the value chain. This is where our promise ends and your responsibility begins. By bringing home one of our coffees, you are completing the journey.