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Our 6 Cup Chemex gift set will provide you with all you need in order to enjoy a well balanced flavorful coffee. Allowing you to possess complete control over your brew, this simple pour over method provides a complete coffee sensory experience. Not only is the Chemex itself, aesthetically pleasing, but while you are patiently anticipating that first delightful sip of coffee, you will be engulfed by a beautiful rich bright aroma.


  • 6 Cup Chemex
  • 1 Box of Filters
  • Coffee Spoon Clip
  • Coffee of Grace Roast of your Choice

How to Brew with a Chemex

  • Place the cone like filter inside the top of the chemex (make sure the thicker side of the filter is placed near the spout of the brewer.)
  • Rinse the filter and brewer with hot water and dump the water out into the sink. This step is done prior to brewing, to prep the filter and to ensure that the coffee will not pick up a paper flavor.
  • Now it’s time to grind! Pour 50 grams of whole bean coffee into a grinder and make sure that it’s set for a medium grind.
  • Once you’re done grinding, scoop the coffee into the filter at the top of the chemex.
  • Next, use a pour over kettle to heat the water. Then, pour the hot water onto the bed of coffee and wait for about 30 seconds allowing the grinds to bloom. Continue pouring the hot water in a circular motion until the bed of coffee is fully saturated.
  • Let the coffee brew for a few minutes and once you’ve reached your desired amount of coffee remove the filter.


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