Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee

Is it actually better to freshly grind coffee vs getting it pre-ground?  The answer is absolutely! Each has its advantages, but if we’re focusing on flavor, whole bean coffee is the better option. 


When you grind your coffee, the aromas and flavors contained within the bean are released.  The surface area of the bean is reduced to small particles, which allows water to move through these tiny pieces of coffee, extracting those flavors and aromas when brewed. Once the bean is ground, however, it is also more vulnerable to oxygen, and starts to age rapidly. As it ages, the coffee becomes stale and it will lose flavor or could even become bitter.  Though pre-ground coffee may be more convenient during your morning rush out the door, you are sacrificing freshness and the quality of your brew. 


If you grind your whole bean coffee at home, you can also have more control over your brewing process. Depending on the method you prefer, you may need a coarser grind or a finer grind.  For example, if you are using a french press or making cold brew, the grind needs to be coarse, but if you were to extract a coffee via an espresso machine or moka pot, your grind needs to be fine.  Pre-ground coffee only lets you brew according to one method, as it is ground all at once for a particular brewing process. Whole bean coffee therefore gives you more control and  flexibility over how to brew your perfect cup! 


If you have the time, and are curious in experimenting with different brewing methods, we highly recommend whole bean coffee over pre-ground. 

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